Top five most luxurious and expensive Neighbourhoods in Ghana to live in


Ghana is a lovely place to live and was ranked in 2021 by the Global Peace Index as the second most peaceful country in Africa after Mauritius. As such, several companies set up businesses in Ghana, and many foreigners relocate to the country to live and work. 

If you wish to move to Ghana from another nation or from one part of Ghana to another, that is better, this is what you need. 

These locations are famous around the country and abroad not just because they are expensive for middle-income earners but also because of the extreme luxury they offer. 

1. The beautiful Airport Residential Area community 

 Airport Residential Area is located to the northeast of Accra Central. The highly sought-after community gets its name due to its proximity to Kotoka International Airport. 

The community has several well-kept streets and neatly lined-up trees, which provide delightful cool breezes that some homeowners enjoy when running or taking leisurely walks in the morning. Children have access to a good selection of schools, most of which are private. 

Many offices, including those belonging to international NGOs and various embassies, are in the community. Most homes in the Airport Residential Area have security guards to protect their properties.

2. The luxurious township of Cantonments 

Cantonments in Accra is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Ghana. It was initially intended to serve as the military housing for the British colonial administration. It is one of the earliest neighbourhoods in Accra with a modern planned residential layout.

The homes in Cantonments are luxurious and have highly modern architecture. Even the neighbourhood’s older amenities have undergone redesigns to give them a contemporary appearance.

The community has several embassies, such as the American and Italian Embassies. As a result, it is home to diplomats, politicians, expatriates and top business executives. 

Cantonments has several educational facilities, such as the New Horizon Special School, established in 1972, which offers vocational training to kids with intellectual disabilities.

3. Osu, a friendly suburb in Accra 

Osu is a coastal community in Accra that is popular for its area known as Osu Oxford Street, which is mainly an entertainment area with various shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. 

Osu accommodates the Osu Castle (formerly known as Christiansborg Castle), which previously served as the country’s seat of government in the 19th and 20th centuries. The castle is shown on the fifty Ghana Cedi note, further emphasising its long history in the nation.

The community is often ranked among the top areas in Accra that are the most boisterous because of Osu Oxford Street, commonly referred to as “the street that never sleeps”. The road essentially contains everything that makes up a business and recreation. 

4. East Legon, the luxurious home for the rich 

East Legon is a neighbourhood that borders Spintex to the south, Madina and Ashaley Botwe to the north, the University of Ghana campus and Achimota to the west, and Trasacco Estates to the east. 

Many real estate professionals regard East Legon as one of Accra’s top hotspots, with houses attracting high prices and rentals.

One of its most recognisable features is the A&C Shopping Mall, which is flanked by several other commercial buildings that serve various needs and interests, including restaurants where many people go to unwind after a long day at work and hold brief meetings. 

The A&C Mall is one of the most accessible locations, making it an excellent spot to start when giving directions to locations in the neighbourhood. 

5. Labone, a prestigious and historic neighbourhood 

Labone is one of Accra’s most prestigious and historic neighbourhoods. Labone lies close to Osu and is separated by the famous Ring Road. The community is highly sought-after and combines residential and business areas; unlike Osu, Labone is more residential than a commercial or tourist district. 

Three main entry points or access points into Labone may be considered landmarks to get directions to different neighbourhood areas. Labone is home to the Labone Senior High School and other institutions like the Osu Children’s Home. 

Labone also has the Labone Coffee Shop, one of the community’s oldest and most well-known hangouts and landmarks. Recent restaurants like the Chase Restaurant and the Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant have also sprung up.