Ghana card would not be used in 2024 election- Ghana’s Electoral Commission


Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) has given the assurance that the Ghana Card will not replace the popular voters’ ID, which will be the key requirement to vote during the next general elections in 2024.

Chair of the commission Jean Mensa told Parliament on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, that contrary to speculations, the Ghana Card won’t determine whether a Ghanaian citizen who is eligible to vote can do so or not.

She, however, explained that the Ghana Card would be the only identification that eligible voters would need to present to enter their names in the electoral roll or voters’ register of Ghana.

The EC boss has put a constitutional instrument (CI) in Parliament that would enable the card to be used as the sole document for registration by Ghanaians as voters.

She was invited by Parliament to explain the CI after concerns that many eligible voters would be disenfranchised if the Ghana Card replaces the voters’ ID that many eligible voters already possess.
“Once you present your Ghana Card and successfully register as a voter, you will be issued with a voter’s identification card which bears the code of your region, your district, your electoral area and the name of your polling station, the Ghana card does not have these features and therefore it will not be used to vote in the 2024 general elections,” she explained.

She is confident that the new move, which is the subject of her controversial constitutional instrument in Parliament would prevent non-Ghanaians from voting in Ghana’s elections.

The new CI, she added, would also solve the lapses in the current guarantor system. She said the guarantor system has enabled people to break the law by guaranteeing for minors and non-Ghanaians, who are then entered into the electoral roll. The controversial CI becomes law 21 days after it has been laid before Parliament.