I made ₵3000 as a ‘trotro’ driver in Ghana, but I left for a ₵1500 job in Bahrain – Man narrates his story


In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide on SVTV AFRICA, Justice revealed that he accepted an offer to work in Bahrain regardless of the salary because the working conditions in Ghana as a commercial bus driver were discouraging.

“When the offer letter came in 2018, the salary was ₵1500, and I accepted to go. I worked as a trotro driver and made about ₵3000 monthly, but the money isn’t yours. So my brother encouraged me to go because the hustle in Ghana is different from abroad,” he said.

“I signed up to go despite the salary because the stress was too much, and I didn’t have time for the kids. Besides that, I had some issues with my marriage, so my mind was troubled. That’s why I decided to leave,” Justice told DJ Nyaami.

According to Justice, the driving job came with accommodation. He has worked there for about five years and receives about ₵5000 currently.

Justice indicated that he is comfortable with the working and living conditions in the country and wouldn’t mind bringing his family to settle there too.

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