Government Of Ghana Launches National Rental Assistance Scheme To Help Solve Rent Problems In Ghana


The current Ghana administration has officially inaugurated the National Rental Assistance Scheme as a way to mitigate rent challenges in the country.

The goal of the scheme is to increase the accessibility and affordability of renting for all Ghanaians.

Adult Ghanaians who possess a valid national ID card and a source of income that can be verified are eligible under the program.

Vice-President Bawumia, on behalf of the Ghana government, has officially inaugurated the National Rental Assistance Scheme to help solve the country’s accommodation crisis. Although the program is anticipated to be implemented throughout the nation, it will first be tested in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Western, Eastern, and Bono East Regions.

On January 31, 2023, Dr Bawumia stated during the scheme’s inauguration in Accra that the selected regions were chosen for the program’s testing phase because of the heavy rent pressure in those areas.

Government launching National Rental Assistance Scheme

The program’s goal is to assist any adult resident of Ghana who works for a company or for themselves in making affordable monthly rent payments as opposed to paying a rent advance.
The National Rental Assistance Scheme pays the total rent to the potential landlord and then the applicant makes a monthly payment to the scheme.

According to Dr Bawumia, the scheme is in partnership with private investors who would not want their investments to go to waste and will try their possible best to recover their funds, which will also eliminate any form of political interference.

The vice president also revealed that a draft to replace the present rent legislation, which was approved more than 50 years ago and is no longer relevant, has been submitted to parliament by the government’s Ministry of Works and Housing.