Watch Video: Bus Conductor Shocked as talented street artiste produces a quick sketch of him


A man who is an artist made a bus conductor happy when he quickly produced a drawing of him on a white paper.
The artist was one of the passengers in the commercial bus when he decided to quickly sketch the conductor.
People on TikTok who have seen the video are praising the artist while some asked him to draw them.

TikTok users have fallen in love with a street artist who produced a nice drawing of a bus conductor.

It all started in the video when the conductor was turning to those seated at the back of the bus to ask for money.

In the short video, the artist who was seated at the back of the bus quickly captured the face of the bus conductor.
He brought out his drawing paper and drawing pad and started to sketch.

It was not long before the artiste came up with a very good drawing of the conductor.
There was a broad smile on the man’s face when he got the drawing right inside the bus.

It was a free work and he shook hands with the artist when he alighted from the bus. Some TikTok users have asked to be drawn too.
The video was posted by @beness_pro.