How the talented Boy Who Sang “Beautiful Day” transforms from nobody to somebody


The life of a young boy, Rishawn, after singing Jermaine Edwards’ Beautiful Day, has changed so much with his new fame In a recent video, the boy could be seen enjoying the luxury of a swimming pool as he put up beautiful smiles Many people who reacted to his recent clip on TikTok said that God indeed remembered him for good.

The teenager, Rishawn, whose life totally changed after his singing video recorded when he was a kid surfaced online is now living a good life. In a video shared by @kingston11antics, the boy enjoyed the coolness of a swimming pool as he played in it.

Days ago, it was reported that the original owner of the song Beautiful Day reached out to him for a remix and the boy signed a record deal.

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 200 comments with more than 23,000 likes.