Sonnie Badu Reveals How Some Gospel Artist Team Up To Insult Him After Helping Them


The founder and leader of the Rockhill Church, Dr. Sonnie Badu has mentioned two major reasons why Ghanaian musicians are not reaching their full potential as artists even though they are very talented.

The award-winning Gospel musician made the revelation after the Founder of Brian Jones Ministries, Pastor Brian Jones Amoateng asked the important question on his Instagram page.

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According to Sonnie Badu, most of the gospel musicians in Ghana are struggling to hit the highest point in their careers because they do not respect the people who have made some mark in the industry.

Sonnie Badu also added that there is a lack of unity among the people in the industry. He stated categorically that most of the time, they act as though they are united when in public but behind the scenes, they are serious issues.

When Pastor Brian asked him what he was doing to quickly deal with these issues, Sonnie Badu said that he was done helping others because they have been insulting him.

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He went in to allege that some of them have paid DJs to ensure that they do not play his songs.

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