Man who murdered his wife set free after daughters cried in court, leaving Judge in tears

Man who murdered his wife was set free for this reason


The man pleaded guilty to killing his wife Janet Maritim. His two children successfully pleaded with the court to set free their

father, accused of killing the mother on suspicion of committing adultery.

Two of Maritim’s adult children had stated that he was the family’s sole breadwinner and that four siblings, who were still minors, depended

on him.

Maritim begs judge deeply regrets killing his wife. He confesses he didn’t know what came over him and he lost his temper when he caught

his wife with another man in his house having sex.

He begged the Judge to give him another chance to live and look after their children if such circumstances rise again he will simply walk

away instead of killing.

He pleads forgiveness and pardon after he pleaded guilty of killing his wife.

He explains to the court that he was horrified when he saw the mother of his children on their matrimonial bed committing adultery.

His children broken down in tears in court begging the judge to pardon their father. The judge felt for the 5 years old girl plea and pardoned

their father despite pleading guilty and was about to be sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife after he caught her with man in their

matrimonial bed enjoying themselves.