Breaking News: Asamoah Gyan makes millions on Bitcoin and now helps others do the same.


Ghanaian professional footballer and entrepreneur Asamoah Gyans has made a name for himself as a brash straight-talker who doesn’t mind being honest about how he makes his money.

Asamoah Gyan announced he made millions on Bitcoin and decided to share his knowledge with everyone in our country. He hopes his advice will be followed again and everyone who needs extra income will make it safely from their home.

Last week Gyan appeared on the BBC live show and explained how a new investment platform can make an average Ghanaian citizen a millionaire within 4-5 months. Gyan called anyone who wants to make a big profit, without having to make a huge investment, to seize this opportunity because the big banks are onto this and they are actively trying to shut this down.

During the live show, Bank of Ghana tried to stop the broadcast, but the word was already out, and they couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Here’s what happened:

Gyan was a guest on the BBC live show, hosted by Serwaa Amihere. He talked about being on the first line fighting the pandemic and why it’s important now that Ghana recovered financially. Here’s what he said:

“We’ve got the pandemic almost beaten but we still need to be careful. Now, the next step is to repair the financial damage caused by the pandemic. In the past year I made millions on Bitcoin since that is the best way to make money today. I want to share my experience with everyone so they can do the same. It’s really easy and you don’t have to be an investing or technology expert. Also, what’s important is you can do this from home and stay completely safe.”

BBC host Serwaa Amihere was skeptical of his testimony until Gyan pulled out his smartphone, logged in to his account and showed her how much money he was making through this platform that’s been quietly talked about throughout Ghana.

Gyan didn’t have enough time to explain everything in detail, so we asked him to do an interview after the broadcast in hopes of getting more information. He kindly agreed and said he would answer all our questions regarding the program.


“You may have heard of this new automated crypto-currency trading program called Bitcoin Era that helps ordinary people all over the World build a fortune overnight. You may be skeptical because it sounds too good to be true.”

Gyan goes on to say:

“Now that the pandemic is slowly losing its force, we need to start making money to recover. I know a lot of people need extra income, to pay their mortgage or car installments. Making money with online trading is so easy every normal person can do it.

People have been asking me to explain in detail how I made my millions and here it is. I made it on an online trading platform called Bitcoin Era. It’s the best one out there because it’s based on advanced algorithms and works in completely automated mode. That means you don’t need any previous trading experience to use it. And with Bitcoin prices on an all-time high you can even make money faster than I did during the last year.

To start, just deposit the $250 minimal investment. That’s enough to get you going. If you want a faster return you can invest more, there’s no upper limit. After that all you need is a bit of free time and your computer or smartphone. Since the pandemic is still not completely over you need to know you can do this from the safety of your home.

Some people have also asked me why I haven’t mentioned this before. Well, I used it for about a year and needed to be sure it works without fail before I would recommend it. I would never recommend something suspicious or something that would make you lose your money. Now that I have proof it works, I told the whole story.

As you may have read only the greedy banks want to ban this in Ghana. I hope our government will stop them because this is a 100% legal way to make money. So, to be sure, invest today while it’s still possible!”

The idea behind Bitcoin Era is simple: to give ordinary people the opportunity to make money with the enormous possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies. Contrary to popular belief, this is still the most lucrative investment of the 21st century.

The price of Bitcoin is on the rise again and it already passed the all-time high of $60,000 per Bitcoin, so traders will make even bigger amounts of money. Just to mention there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin that are traded daily with huge profits.

Some of these cryptocurrencies include Ripple, Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. These cryptocurrencies still provide returns of 10,000% or more for ordinary people in Ghana.

Thanks to Bitcoin Era, you can make a profit with all of these cryptocurrencies even if there is a stale market. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically perform long selling and short selling, so you can make money 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

Bitcoin Era is used by Elon Musk who just announced he bought $1,5 billion worth of Bitcoin. He also said he would start accepting bitcoin as a payment method for his products like Tesla.