Kandiga – Doba War –   Imposter Arrested For Using Military Uniform To Foment Trouble

Anthony Anonterah from Doba was arrested in the conflict zone in fake military uniform


Upper East, Ghana

Anthony Anonterah, 35, was arrested in the conflict zone by peace keeping military men on duty on Sunday May 22 2022 during escalated tensions between the two neighboring but warring communities of Doba and Kandiga in the Kassena Nankana municipality of the upper east region of Ghana.  .

The Ghana Army soldiers identified the imposter from Doba, posing as a soldier, with a pump action gun and a fake military uniform, who along with others, ambushed and killed a young man from Kandiga earlier Sunday, sparking renewed violence and reprisals that led to an unconfirmed number of deaths.

The renewed violence saw women of Doba reportedly commuting to the Navoro-pio’s palace where they appealed on him to intervene in bringing peace to the two warring communities. The land boundary dispute between the two communities is a matter pending in court. However, different extremist forces within the greater communities have continued to fuel violence resulting in loss of lives and properties including burning of houses.

Anthony Anonterah, the young imposter is reportedly the son of Richard Anonterah, Navrongo central chairman of the opposition NDC and a native of Doba. This has raised questions about the possible involvement of external forces in the continues violent conflict between the Doba and Kandiga communities.

Anonterah and his group of imposters are reported to be using private pick up truck vehicles to engage in shootings, beatings and confiscation of weapons in the conflict zone under the guise of fake military uniforms.

Residents of both communities have complained peacekeeping soldiers have been brutalizing them rather than keeping the peace. With the arrest of this imposter, it is obvious that some elements among the people have been employing guerilla tactics to escalate the conflict and give the military a bad name.

Many peace loving residents of the area are clamoring for the urgent and criminal prosecution of Anthony Anonterah, to serve as a deterrent to him and other ring leaders of the conflict who are bent on hiding under military uniforms to escalate the conflict and create distrust for the military peace keeping force.

The people of Kandiga have said repeatedly that they are simply defending themselves from unprovoked attacks from the Doba group, some of who are using fake military uniforms to disguise their unprovoked attacks. Independent reports say close to twenty people may have lost their lives in the recent escalation including the burning of several houses that has rendered many homeless.

Questions are now being asked if many of the past brutalities blamed on the military were actually orchestrated by Anthony and Anonterah and his group and whether or not the military will be interested in smoking out all the trouble makers in the conflict with the current leads they have obtained through this arrest.