Is NDC Now A One Man Church?


By: Inusah Bamba, Navrongo, Upper

No accountability, no dissent, more offering. The story of Ghana’s biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, continues to unfold as a typical 2-year-old one-man church, established by a self-acclaimed prophet who manages two wretched shoes- one for Wednesdays, and one for Sundays. There is no opportunity for criticism. He snatches away the offering bowl right after church service and no one dares to ask him anything. He is the eternal leader of the church, and the church dies when he dies. This may sound like a parable, but is the unadulterated truth.

The National Democratic Congress is only dancing to the music of John Dramani Mahama- who accidentally also manages two wretched shoes, corruption in government and monocracy in opposition, and this sorry and sordid state of affairs in the party can only get more distressing. One would have paused to think, that upon all the loyal devotion of the church members to their prophet, this prophet would provide spiritual care to his church members and implement policies to grow the church. But who would have ever thought, that this prophet provides no spiritual care, but only dips his hands in the offering bowl like a bird drinking from a brook?

This is the terrible state of affairs in the NDC. While party members continue to pay dues to the party; while candidates continue to pay fees for filing of nomination; and while NDC MPs continue to donate GHS 1,000.00 each to the party every month, Prophet Dramani and his surrogates only use these monies to organize programs that propel only Prophet Mahama, not build the NDC. John Dramani Mahama, despite leading the party since 2012, and despite receiving so many donations from party financiers on behalf of the party, has overseen the systemic disintegration of the party structures, and the total neglect of the party grassroots. The NDC is in many deep crises at the same time, and just like the prophet, John Dramani Mahama has been clothed with abstract supernatural powers that make him untouchable and immune to competition. Who bells the cat? It is either John Mahama’s way or no way. Any drop of criticism is met with a rainstorm of attacks. On the other hand, Seek ye first a place for your hand in the offering bowl, and all other things will be gleefully added to you. Sing John Mahama’s song and you have enough authority to change the party’s name and treat the grassroots with utter contempt.

 But hey, the prophet’s praise team sings so loudly that he hears the cries of the ordinary members as cheers, or hears nothing at all, while he continues to preach his sermon he has never changed. Many times, passers-by recite his sermon with him with so much ease. However, members of the praise team are always first to arrive and last to leave. All is hearty for him. He is driven in a flashy V8 and has ditched his old best friends, the ordinary party members whose devotion propelled him to victory in 2012. The church has become a cash cow for him and his praise singers. 

The little life left in the NDC is steadily being blown out and there are no glimmers of hope for the young ones who aspire to serve their country through the party.Many experienced political commentators have opined that John Dramani Mahama really does not want to become President again; he rather wants to remain flagbearer for life. He would rather be flagbearer in order to be the sole receptor of all party donations than be President to make any meaningful impact.Contrary to the assertions of his praise singers, the reality is this- John Dramani Mahama is not the sole financier of the NDC. Rather because he is flagbearer and all donations are directed to him, he hoards all the monies and gives them out to his inner circle like candies to a 2-year-old toddler. If an activity is not centered on John Mahama, then John Mahama will not donate. Eiiiii …what a shambolic party leader! NDC members and elders.

Who amongst will be able to snatch the offering bowl from beneath the prophet’s old wardrobe? Who amongst you will stand up to this tyranny of madness gradually destroying the party?