Details That Led To Shatt Wale’s Breakup With Girlfriend Pops Up Online


Shatta Wale’s breakup with Elfreda came in as a shocking surprise to many social media users most especially the fans of the African dancehall king.

Although, Shatta Wale was the first to announce his break-up with Elfread but he refused to reveal the cause of their split.

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In a series of posts he authored on his Insta-stories, he blasted and mercilessly insulted Elfreda by describing her as a nagging and good for nothing lady.

Elfreda in turn has kept quiet over the whole brouhaha and chosen to maintain her silence notwithstanding Shatta Wale’s terrible accusations against her.

When we all thought that the issue had vanished from the internet, a new twist from popular IG blogger, Aba_The_Great alleges that Elfread was the cause of the break-up.

According to Aba_The_Great, during Shatta Wale’s tour in the US, he sent Elfreda along not knowing that it was going to destroy their affair.

Aba_The_Great explained in her writeup that Shatta wale was texting one stripper friend just and in the process, Freda saw their chats and confronted him about what was going on between them.

Shatta Wale had to go for a show, thought freda was tired from the back to back concert so asked her to relax, Elfreda felt he was trying to use that to see the stripper lady but Shatta Wale insisted otherwise.

And further assured her that there’s nothing to worry about because the lady in question is a stripper . Shatta left for the show without Freda.

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And upon her return, Elfreda attacked him by landing a hefty slap on his cheeks, Shatta Wale returned the slap and that ruined their love affair.

Shatta Wale has been very unlucky with relationships, at the moment, it’s very difficult to tell if he’s the problem or not.

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