When you blame others you give up your power to change. ~Robert Anthony

I wonder if our politicians or as the Rasta people call them, politricians are on something I will not want to mention here when they stand on their deception ridden political platforms campaigning for power.

These bunch of ‘criminals’ don’t mind telling us that they can even create God and bring Him down on earth. I take my time to peruse all political party manifestos in every election year ever since I became an adult and damn! These people have all the solutions to our poor selves and pathetic nation. In fact they seem to have the magic wand that can transform this country with no sweat.

Then when the win our votes, which they claim is our power, the power embedded in our thump they start what I call their NONSENSE, all apologies to Baby Jet, our one only all-time African lead goal scorer at the WORLD CUP, not forgetting how he also broke the hearts of the continent and her people at the 2010 WORLD CUP at South Africa with that beautifully taken penalty kick against Suarez’s Uruguay, when we had the opportunity to be the first African nation to reach the enviable semi – finals of the WORLD CUP. This great son of the land was furious early this week, when a certain midfielder was not called by the handlers of our beloved Black Stars, the living legend has apologized and withdrawn that word but me I am not withdrawing mine because the NONSENSE of our politicians to blame everybody but themselves for the mess, the pit, the quagmire, the ditch we all find ourselves in created by our foolishness by believing in their sweet promises and voting for them.

Successful people take full responsibility for their wins and losses. They don’t play the blame game. They refuse to go through life finger-pointing and making excuses. They are pro-active instead of reactive, moving forward toward their goals and dreams and taking responsibility for every step of the journey. They refuse to play the victim. Instead, they use the lessons learned in the school of hard knocks as stepping-stones to greatness rather than as a crutch for mediocrity.

It’s so easy to make excuses for our problems, hardships, character flaws, and just about everything else. But when you make excuses, you can’t make progress! When you play the victim, you inevitably surround yourself with anger, resentment and negative thoughts. This leads to stress, fatigue, depression and other chronic diseases. If you’re going to succeed in life and in politics, you have to “own” your current reality… the good, the bad, and the ugly!

After all there is a popular akan wise saying that goes “Sɛ wo ntumi wo nneɛma, ɛnfa nhyɛ wo kahyire”. I ask, why do they have to promise things they know that they will turn to blame everyone but themselves when they are unable to deliver?

Why do you find it so hard to admit when you fail?

Why do you focus a lot on the past government instead of looking at what you promised?

Why do you continuously dwell on the failings of the people we voted against to justify your own failings?

Why do you find it difficult to apologize to us, the people whose power you have when things go wrong with your promises?

Why do you view apologizing as a sign of weakness?

Mr. Politrician, take RESPONSIBILITY for your mess!

We all make the mistake of blaming others and making excuses from time to time. But the key to living a successful life is accepting personal responsibility for our choices and our actions.

Take full responsibility for your life and the business we voted for you to execute. Don’t play the blame game and don’t make excuses because it gets some of us angry.

There was no gun pointed at your heads when you came bragging to us about your so-called competence to solve our problems and make our lives better. We were not there when you decided to lie to us that you have power to make the rich and poor equal and that you were going to share the ‘national cake’ equitably for us all. Did we not hear you say every child of school going age will be in school, did you not tell us food will be in abundance and that no person will go to sleep on an empty stomach, I heard you say everybody will have a decent job and that money will fill our pockets? You knew you were lying when you said every town/ village will have a place of convenience and that the ages and days when human beings and animals drunk from ponds, streams and rivers will be something of the past.

What has changed? Suddenly, your inability to fulfil all these loose talks has to be blamed on someone else!

Stop the blame game and act now!

You promised us solutions, not excuses and blaming others.

Stop the finger-pointing at others because while one finger points at the people you are blaming, four more are pointing at you.

Stop shifting blame onto other people because it is annoying and disrespectful.

You have been blaming each since Ghana was handed over to you, you continue to fail with your blame games and we are where we are because of your blame games.

Over the time, the culture of blame and the negativity you have exhibited have caused the nation to suffer. This NONSENSE behavior continues to expose your lack oft creativity and innovation.

If you care to know, the citizens have lost faith in your ability to solve our problems.

Your focus should be on finding solutions for our challenges, the focus should be shifted from who is to blame to what can be done about it. Instead of assigning a person to direct frustration towards, focus your energy on the problems that confront us, including ways to correct it and how to prevent them from happening in the future.

When something goes wrong, it can be tempting to protect yourself and blame somebody else. However, the situation suffers if everyone is more concerned with assigning blame than finding a solution. Playing the blame game can also lead to toxic relationships as people turn against each other and attack one another and this is what we have suffered for years.

I shall be back