Shatta Wale’s Mother Is A Liar- BullGod Fires


BullGod was initially hesitant to speak on the subject, but after coaxing from the show’s host and other pundits, he agreed. Shatta Wale’s mother, on the other hand, should be patient and refrain from leaking family secrets to the press.

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When the Shatta Movement’s feud with his mother became a topic of debate at United Showbiz, BullGod found himself in a pickle. He finally agreed to speak out about the awful circumstance after much persuasion.

“I’m more than Shatta Wale’s manager,” says Bullgod. He’s my younger brother and a close friend of mine. I didn’t want to talk about it before, but I will now. To begin with, each and every.

A mother’s primary responsibility, according to BullGod, is to defend her children, not to drag their names through the mud. When he said that Shatta Wale gave his mother a car, which she still drives, he made some major revelations.

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“This is a mother,” he explained. In every case, the mother should be safeguarding her children. What streets are you sleeping on? There’s no way, believe me. I’m suggesting she needs to be patient because Shatta has already rented a property for her in the scenario that is currently being played out. And I believe the location has run out of time. Not that he hasn’t helped her in some way. The lady is a driver. Shatta was the one who purchased a vehicle for her. As a result, I believe she should be.