To: Our so called leaders.

All the politicians

CC: All Citizens

The people who are quickly being enslaved, thinned, choked to death and bled dry.


Dear Sirs/ Madams,

Greetings from a nonentity to you, who have taken us for granted and made yourselves fat on our sweat

I am appalled and very angry because you have been a failure in all things you promised to deliver to better the lives of the people but your failure with the education of our children, our future is what gets me raging with anger!

History has taught us of so many beautiful quotations by many great men and women. As I contemplated finding some of these quotes for the purpose of this Memo, the ones that attracted me and fit for purpose are these two;
1. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

2. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Because you count yourselves as part of the rich and affluent in our country, your children, I mean your biological children have and continue to attend all the best schools and educational institutions around the world. Aren’t your children privileged? You, I mean you yourselves have had the opportunity to use state resources, I mean our money to have the best of education and from the knowledge you acquired through the sweat of the poor blokes you refer to as fellow citizens, as if we are all equal you have become masters of sweet deceptive sometimes overly oratory propagandist to amass all the wealth you can boats of today!

Please I don’t want to deviate from the subject of my Memo!

You and your children have and continue to enjoy the best of education both in Ghana and elsewhere, but can same be said about fellow Ghanaians? Certainly a BIG FAT NO!

Our 1992 constitution which you all sworn to respect and protect, tasked you to ensure a FREE COMPULSORY BASIC EDUCATION (FCUBE) for all Ghanaian children and because everything free in Ghana is horrible, you decided not to enforce the compulsory, due to your failure to ensure that the best form of education is provided at the basic level I can assure you we have only ended up producing not fit for purpose graduates even at the tertiary level! After all no beautiful everlasting house designed by an architect can be as beautiful as seen in the drawing when the foundation is weak, this is a simple logic!

How do you expect the poorest child who stays in the most deprived rural/ urban area to have the future the venerable Malcolm X spoke about, when you have failed to provide them with the right learning environment, when you have failed to provide them with the right motivated teachers, when you have failed to provide them with the right teaching – learning materials? I heard you have failed to provide text books for them for over three (3) years when you decided to change the curriculum and is it true that the capitation grant is also in arrears for several terms? If this is not failure then what can be termed a failure?

Your claim that education consumes most of our money is overly flogged because no investment in education is much but unfortunately, this claim is a lie, if your claim is true why are children still sitting under trees just to have education, why haven’t all the money you claim you have spent on education been able to give every child a decent place to study and why are fellow Ghanaian children still learning sitting and writing on the bear floor and on stones? You have failed! You have failed!! You have failed!!!

In the year 2008 through to 2016, a certain Free Senior High School Education campaign was waged over and over again, indeed it failed to convinced the poor fellow Ghanaians to vote for it twice in 2008 and 2012 and alas when it was voted for in 2016 I thought maybe the time to better our education, not only secondary education was here, but again that too has become part of your failed stories with education, an experiment and gamble with an already poor educational system, I have heard you use examination results to justify a certain success of this policy and I cringe, when I know for a fact that majority of you have failed examinations in life before. The education of every human being can never be judged by passes in an examination because education goes beyond writing examinations. So please stop using examination results as your success benchmark for the failed Free SHS.

Let me show you why you have failed here too, the policy of Free Senior High Education is a constitutional injunction, that was to be achieved by a certain gradual process, as at the time it was being implemented in the year 2017, it has taken you 21 years to have gotten this right but unfortunately because you have always been a failure the simplest thing of having physical infrastructure in place was not done, the children of the poor fellow Ghanaians have been offered a certain shameful double track system, a dumsor kind of education, the poor parents you claim this policy was to relieved have ended up spending more than you have spent on their children. Have you had an honest conversation not political conversation with the parents you have been calling fellow Ghanaians? Try it and find out the true success of this policy. The starvation of students, the rough sleeping, the over crowed classrooms, lack of simple tables and chairs to sit on, the pressure on the already over used infrastructure just to name a few!

You have failed! You have failed!! You have failed!!!

The current situation with tertiary education is where I would not like to go because that will revealed to you that our education is near collapse.

When you decided to open the door of the deceptive Free SHS for many students to have access, your usual failing to plan and eventually failing mode was activated and the common sense to have enough infrastructure in place before the day of more students looking for admission spaces at the tertiary level come was ignored and finally your failure has been cemented!

Watch your ways!

Sincerely yours

NB: I am not all done with education but I shall be telling how you have destroyed everything you promised the people you will make better ie.Economy, Agriculture, Transportation, Natural Resources, etc.) very soon!