I’m The Lowest Paid Actress In The Movie Industry- Mama Jane Weeps


Mama Jane, a seasoned Kumawood performer with nearly four decades in the field, has expressed her discontent with her living conditions.

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According to the veteran actress, the most amount she has received from acting is 900gh.

In an exclusive interview on AFRO JOINT on Kingdom plus 101.9 FM, the actress expressed her unhappiness with how some producers and filmmakers take her for granted.

“For playing the lead in a movie called “Ohia,” which is currently airing on Adom TV, I was paid 400gh,” she grumbled.

Many people believe that most actresses are affluent as a result of their careers, but she claims that this is not the case.

She also indicated that film producers had stopped calling her for film opportunities and that if they did, she would decline.

“Producers and directors no longer contact me,” she continued.

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Mama Jane remarked that she cannot stop acting since it has become a part of her identity and that she will continue to act regardless of how producers and directors treat her.

She stated that the movie industry is going through hell because it has neglected to respect soldiers in the industry.

Watch video below:

By: Ken Daniels / https://ghanaalert.com/