Tema High Court to consider Oliver Barker-Vormawor’s bail application on Monday


The Tema High Court is expected to consider the bail application of #FixTheCountry Movement lead convener, Oliver Barker Vormawor on Monday, March 14.

The application was initially set to be heard last Thursday, March 10.

However, a late opposition to the bail application by the Attorney-General’s Office made it impossible for his lawyers to bail him.

The AG’s Office, in its opposition, alleged that: (a) Oliver did not have a fixed place of abode, and (b) was not cooperating with the Police in its investigations.

These, the Office said, were serious allegations that the convener’s legal representatives needed to respond to.
However, the lawyers for the Cambridge University PhD student, in their response, refuted these allegations.

On the issue of the defendant not having a fixed abode, Mr Vormawor’s lawyer argued that documents showed that he had a fixed place of residence.

The solicitors further stated that Oliver had taken the Police to the said place where intrusive searches were carried out.

On the allegation that the activist had refused to cooperate with the Police in accessing the contents of his phone, his lawyers cited an attached correspondence showing his request for an agreed date and time for the exercise.
Meanwhile, supporters of the outspoken activist allege that the Police have had his phone since his arrest.

On February 10, Mr Vormawor took to social media to threaten a coup following pictures emerging from the Majority Leader’s 65th birthday bash showing an ‘E-levy’-designed cake.

He posted, “If this E-Levy passes after this cake bullshit, I will do the coup myself. Useless Army!”

In a subsequent post, he explained the context in which he used the word coup.
He was arrested on February 11, after arriving from the United Kingdom.

He was subsequently charged with treason felony and put before the court.