How can I change this unfair system?

In a land of the corrupt who believe in a kind of democracy which benefits them not the people, most of them illiterate and bound by the chain of feudal and clannish ties, where ballot box democracy is a hoax, where goons and thieves are elected to run the state, where poor become poor rich richer, where elections are rigged with the blood of the innocent spilled, where a common man can’t participate in elections or the affairs of the state, where corruption is the norm of the day, where mean and selfish dynsatics rule.

How to get rid of them all?

Should I protest and sit in?

Good idea but I saw what happened to those
who sat in and were either shot straight into their chests or arrested by the police.
Well, you can imagine on whose orders?

There must be some way out to get these wicked, corrupt and dishonest people out of politics!

Martial seems one option but alas some brass tried this as well in the past but failed due to self interest and meanness to unfairly enrich themselves at the cost of national exchequer!
Institutional ruination mocks at us what to do?

No solution unless a proper Revolution of the mind takes place.