E-Levy To Pass In Parliament As NDC Leaders Take Bribe


Investigative reports reaching ghanaalert.com indicates that the NPP gov’t’s stalled electronic transaction levy which was put on temporary hold last year after dramatic events in parliament is now set to be passed as soon as parliament resumes sitting on January 29 2022 by the hook or the crook.

The impending development is not happening by chance but a deliberate ploy put in place by some NPP government operatives to bribe influential leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to make them succumb to the implementation of the gov’t’s new unpopular tax policy against the general will of the masses.

It will be recalled that prior to the December break, MPs from the two main parties engaged in a physical brawl on the floor of parliament over the passage of the tax bill. This incident was occasioned by the auspicious absence of the minority’s Rt. Hon. Speaker of parliament Alban S.K Bagbin over ill-health.

Days earlier, NDC’s Haruna Iddrisu, the minority leader of parliament told press men that his party and side of the house were willing to accept 1% transactional E-levy to be approved by parliament. However, the minority beat a retreat after massive public disapproval of their seeming compromisingly moderate stands on the unpopular tax imposition.

Ghanaalert.com can report that the NPP government’s machinery has been working very cunningly to neutralize all influential forces within the opposition NDC party. Top among targeted officials are Speaker Bagbin himself, Haruna Iddrisu the minority leader, Muntaka Mubarak the minority chief whip, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, the NDC chairman standing criminal trial for utterances made in a secret tape recording and John Mahama the former President and former flag bearer of the NDC.

Is Speak Alban Bagbin Really Sick?

Rt. Hon. Speaker of Ghana’s parliament Alban S.K Bagbin

Who knows? Public information available in the media and official records show that the speaker has recently been travelling to Dubai to seek medical treatment for an ailment that may be related to cancer. Seems like a good alibi for a speaker whose absence from or presence on his seat in a hung parliament, has the potential to tilt the balance of power. And it may also appear like a coincidence. However, speaker Bagbin, like other NDC leaders in his shoes at this moment of power play, knowing the bargaining power of his position, may have traded the general will of the people for 2m Ghana cedes from the NPP government as an incentive to build a ”consensus” on E-levy among parliamentarians, according to our investigations into the current state of affairs.

Did Garby Ochere Darko and John Mahama meet harmlessly?

Former President John Mahama & Garbby Asare Ochere Darko

In the aftermath of the parliamentary fists-cuffs over the E-levy in December, President Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP cunningly targeted former President John Dramani Mahama by sending a family member as an envoy. As a clandestine move, Garby Asare Ochere Darko, cousin of the President, went through the back door, money bag in hand, to the residence of the former NDC flag bearer who is tipped to lead the party again in 2024.

Our reliable reports from our sources indicate that Garby’s gift bag to Mahama may have contained not less than 1m gh cedes to ‘motivate’ him to ”add his mouth” to that of speaker Bagbin in convincing the NDC MPs to build ”consensus” over the E-levy. President Mahama released a statement on his Facebook wall to explain the ”purpose” of their meeting as a response to spreading rumors among NDC MPs that Garby Ochere Darko met with him to compromise him on E-levy. The NDC grassroots, power corridors and NDC social media went livid over the news of the Mahama-Garby meeting.

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, NDC Minority Leader in Parliament

But the NDC MPs, who are the main players in the unfolding drama cannot allow themselves to be left out of the gift sharing. Reports say, the honorable Haruna Iddrisu rescinded his decision to support 1% E-levy upon hearing about the distribution of money bags in meetings with President Mahama and speaker Bagbin.

With just a few a week to go before the MPs resume sitting to reconsider the E-levy bill, NDC MPs are scrambling over each other to get their own share of the E-levy bribe money since the passage of the bill is now inevitable.

Crowd of NDC supporters

The Ghanaian public and NDC supporters showed massive approval for the resistance of the E-levy from NDC Mps. A turn around will be a big betrayal of the ordinary masses of the people who sent them to parliament and who are all crying for the total rejection of the bill. But the NDC MPs will have to balance between the general will and interest of the masses and their individual wills as MPs to enrich themselves from their public positions at the expense of the masses.

Ghana Alert can report that there is already a deal in place and project that the 1.75% E-levy will pass on resumption of parliament with all sides reaching a compromise with or without speaker Bagbin in his seat.