For victory in 2024, NDC must first deal with Baba Kamara’s hatred for Mahama and his dangerous moles in the NDC

Alhaji Baba Kamara was Ghana’s high commissioner to Nigeria before he was appointed national security advisor by President John Mahama
1.  It is clear that NDC members do not know the real cause of their defeat in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. And since they do not know, they will surely lose the 2024 election. The only way they can win the 2024 election is to understand the real cause of their defeat in 2016 and 2024 and this is why I am writing this article.
2.  This article is not based on rumours or speculations. It is based on the hard truth. If NDC members joke with it or dismiss it, they should forget 2024 election.
3.  The real cause of the NDC’s defeat in the 2016 and 2020 elections is Baba Kamara. President John Mahama appointing him his National Security Advisor when he became President of Ghana in 2013 was the biggest mistake of his life. The fact is the Baba Kamara has hated John Mahama since John Mahama was chosen by Prof. Mills as his running mate because Baba Kamara believed he is the one who should have be chosen for that position.
4.  Ahead of the 2004 election, the NDC National Chairman, Dr. Obed Asamoah lobbied hard for Baba Kamara to be Prof. Mills’ Running Mate. He based his argument on the premises that if the Presidential candidate for the NDC is a Christian, then his Running mate should be a Muslim. This was to ensure Mills will pick Baba Kamara as his running mate instead of John Mahama who was the choice of Rawlings and Mills. Since Obed Asamoah’s argument was accepted by the majority of top NDC members as the best way to go, Prof. Mills had to look for a candidate with a Muslim background. But he did not trust Baba Kamara so he went in for Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni. The NDC went on to lose the 2004 election. For the 2008 election, Baba Kamara was expecting Prof. Mills to choose him. But there was no way the Ahwois, Mills’s right hand men,with all their experience and knowledge they had of Baba Kamara will look on for Prof. Mills to choose him. In the end, Mills decided this time, he will go with John Mahama. 
5.  Mills went with Mahama for the 2008 election and won the election. From that time onwards, Baba Kamara has secretly hated John Mahama.
6.  Baba Kamara managed to conceal his hatred for Mahama, fooling everybody including Mahama himself to believe he loves him so much. On the account of this, Mahama appointed him his National Security Advisor. Baba Kamara quickly attended the Kofi Annan School For Peace and Security to study security because he was hoping with that, John Mahama will appoint him National Security Coordinator. And when Mahama did not, he hated him the more and also undermined his National Security Coordinator, Yaw Donkor.
7.  Baba Kamara resorted to passing on information to the NPP so they can defeat John Mahama in the 2016 election. He funded some of their PCs during the election that year. It is the security and intelligence information he provided  them that made the NPP see the weakness of the NDC and beat them in the 2016 election. Baba Kamara’s machinations and information to the NPP is behind the prosecution and jailing of the Deputy National Security Coordinator, Salifu Osman and others in the matter of the NCA case. The NPP chose that case to prosecute as soon as they came to power because Baba Kamara was providing them with information so they were sure they will succeed in getting the accused persons jailed.
8.  Because Baba Kamara was undermining Yaw Donkor, Yaw Donkor did not want to have anything to do with him so he stayed clear off him. That is how come Yaw Donkor was never involved in the NDC case and so could not be prosecuted. But his Deputy, Osman, fell for Baba Kamara’s wickedness and has ended in jail.

9.  Those who think this narrative is not true should ask themselves why they have never seen Baba Kamara by John Mahama since the NDC lost the 2016 election. This is a man who used to call Mahama his brother because they are all Gonjas and  he was Mahama’s National Security Advisor. Why has he not been seen by Mahama since January 2017?
10.  Baba Kamara continued his collaboration with the NPP, passing on information about the NDC to the NPP after the NPP came to power in 2017. He refurbished his private office which he was using when he was National Security Advisor and gave it to the current National Security Minister, Kan-Dapaah, to use as his office. Anybody can go and find out. Where Kan Dapaah operates from officially as Minister for National Security is what used to be Baba Kamara’s private office. It is located near the Kotoka International Airport near the National Service Secretariat.
11. Towards the 2020 election, Baba Kamara, working effectively for the NPP, tried to get Prof. Kwesi Botchway to contest against John Mahama, but the Former Finance Minister in the Rawlings refused to do it. He then tried to convince Dr. Kwabena Dufuor to do so but the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana cum former Finance Minister also refused to do so. Finally, he managed to convince former Vice-President, the late Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur to contest John Mahama. It is an open secret that they set up an office at East Legon for this purpose and invited many people there individually. Those who go there are first led into an office where Baba Kamara briefs about the Amissah Arthur for President project after which the person is led in to another office to meet Amissah Arthur himself who will be sitting behind his desk with the flag of Ghana behind him. One of the people who supported him in this enterprise is Yaw Boateng Gyan, the former National Organizer of the NDC. This was going on secretly until Amissah Arthur died suddenly on June 29, 2018. The late Vice-President will not have had anything to do with Baba Kamara if he knew the man believes so much in juju because Paa Kwesi was a Christian and a gentleman. 
12. After the death of Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur, Baba Kamara, still with hatred for John Mahama continued to collaborate with the NPP to ensure he loses the 2020 election. He continued to pass on information about the NDC’s plans to the NPP government who he is now working closely with. Baba Kamara always got first-hand information about the NDC’s plans from George Opare-Addo, the National Youth Organizer of the NDC who is popularly called Pablo. Pablo is one of Baba Kamara’s moles in the NDC. As a member of the FEC of the NDC, Pablo attends FEC meetings and other meetings and pass on information to Baba Kamara who then passes it on to the NPP. Baba Kamara’s daughter, Amdara, who has to date not understood his father’s hatred for John Mahama has on a couple of occasions confronted Pablo about the way he is betraying John Mahama and the NDC by collaborating with her father. At a point, realizing that information about his activities with BK was getting back to some within the NDC, anytime Pablo is coming to BK’s house at North Legon, everybody in the house will be sent away so they will not see Pablo when he comes in. The gates of the house will be opened so Pablo will drive in straight and the gates closed before he gets down. Then he can have his meeting and pass on information to Baba Kamara without being seen.
13. On the night of December 7, 2020 after voting when collation was going on around the country in the various collation centres and it was clear the NDC was on the way victory, the party decided to hold a press conference at the party’s headquarters to announce how they had already won majority seats in parliament. The press conference was shown live on TV. The National Communication officer of the NDC, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, introducing leading members present introduced Yaw Gyan too as being present.  He could be heard saying above the noise “Wofa Yaw  Gyan too is here”. What Sammy Gyamfi did not know was that Yaw Gyan was there only to find out what exactly the NDC had  in terms of the elections results and this he passed on to Baba Kamara who quickly passed it on to the NPP.  Pablo did the same. This enabled the NPP to come back with the General Secretary of the party, John Boadu, challenging the NDC’s claim while the ruling party at the same time, rushed soldiers to some polling centres to maim and kill to change results in their favour because the NDC hierarchy by that time had not taken possession of all the pink sheets as Yaw Gyan and Pablo told them
14. Without the information Yaw Gyan passed on to Baba Kamara, the NPP will not have gotten the 137 seats. The NDC will have gotten at least 142 seats. 

15. When it came to the election petition, Pablo, since he is a lawyer, made sure he was part of the NDC’s legal team, sat in their meetings and through that got enough information which he passed on to Baba Kamara who then passed it on to the NPP. Baba Kamara at that time was meeting Justice Tanko and Justice Mariama Owusu at his office at East Legon and planning with them how to make sure the NDC does not receive fair hearing. 
16. Realising that his activities has been leaked and may probably have reached Mahama, Pablo, a few months ago this year got some of his family members to accompany him to JM’s house and before the ex-President, he knelt down and apologized for all the wrongs he has done to him. So for those who are quick to jump to Pablo’s defence because he has been sorting them out, they should go and ask him if he indeed went and beg Mahama for all the things he has done against mhim and what those things were. 
17.  Pablo went to beg John Mahama only because he is afraid Mahama’s supporters will not vote for him. He is now trying to show himself as being for Mahama while secretly still undermining the ex-President by continuing to collaborate with Baba Kamara who now works for the NPP.
18. It is Baba Kamara, with his hatred against John Mahama who has finally convinced Dufuor to contest Mahama. Baba Kamara is doing this for the NPP. It is a plan he has hatched with Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko. The plan is simply that though Dufuor will not win, he contesting Mahama will lead to the former President spending so much money in the primaries, weakening him financially when it comes to the general election itself. Also, the primaries will leave the NDC with cracks and help the NPP to win the 2024 elections. And if Dufuor wins which they know is unlikely, the NPP will simply wait till about two months to the general election and then arrest him and charge him with bank fraud linked to the collapse of his bank. He then can no longer contest the NPP Presidential candidate and it will be too late for the NDC to market a new person, handing victory to the NPP. The NPP has it all worked out. Dufuor is not even aware he is a pawn in the game, a pawn being used by the NPP and Baba Kamara.
19. Yaw Boateng Gyan planned to contest  for the position of Vice-Chairman of the party hoping that he will be one of the six Vice-Chairpersons. Then he will use his position to undermine John Mahama, and make the NDC lost the 2024 election if Mahama is the flagbearer. He believes John Mahama funded Kofi Adams to defeat him at the party’s congress in 2014 for the position of National Organizer and has therefore vowed to make sure John Mahama does not become President against. Now that everybody knows where he stands, he has decided not to contest for that position anymore because he knows he will not win because of his anti-Mahama stand
20. If Dufuor were smart, he will realize that since he too is anti-Mahama, there is no way he will win at the primaries. However, because of his money, Yaw Gyan will keep convincing him he can win so that he can continue chopping from him and the NPP through Baba Kamara. Baba Kamara too will keep convincing him because he, Baba, is doing it for the NPP. And Duffuor, who as banker , knows all about risks knows he cannot beat Mahama but is doing the NPP’s bidding so that he can make Mahama spend in the primaries, decreasing his financial strength for the general election in the hope the NPP will restore his bank to him if they win.
21.  Duffuor lied in the interview with GhOne which he owns when he claimed Rawlings told him in 2018 to context Mahama in the primaries. Rawlings never told him anything. It was Baba Kamara who told him to contest but he declined because he was hoping to be running mate to Mahama
22. Duffuor cannot deny that he financed the NPP campaign in the 2016 election. For the four years that Mahama was President, Duffuor’s civil society organization, Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) constantly attacked the NDC government. He was effectively attacking the party which made him Governor of the Bank of Ghana under Rawlings and Finance Minister under Mills. Just because he was not given a post under Mahama, he attacked the NDC government and financed the NPP in the 2016 election only for the NPP to collapse his bank after winning power
23. Duffuor owns a number of media houses including GhOne, Angel FM, Kasapa FM, Heritage newspaper. He has never used any of them to promote the cause of the NDC.
24. 23. Do you know that when Charles McCarthy, a political activists attacked the NPP government on Angel TV for collapsing Duffuor’s bank, he was told after the programme that Duffuor is not happy about his attack on the government. The next time Charles McCarthy turned u for the programme, he was told he will no longer be featuring on it again. Since then, he has not featured on Angel FM. So Charles was banned from Dufuor’s TV station for attacking NPP government for collapsing Duffuor’s bank. Is this not interesting? Duffuor is helping the NPP by contesting JM in the hope his bank will be restored to him if the NPP wins. 
25.  Baba Kamara has other moles in the NDC. One of them, unfortunately, is no other person than the National Chairman of the NDC himself, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. Ofosu Ampofo receives money from Jubilee House through Baba Kamara. The money is brought to Baba Kamara’s house by Nana Addo’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Aliu Fawaz. Fawaz is Baba Kamara’s boy. Baba Kamara, on hearing Fawaz is going to be appointed Chief of Staff called him and told him he was lobbing Nana Addo for him to be given the position. So when Fawaz finally got it, he believed it was due to Baba Kamara’s lobbying so he owes him allegiance. Ofosu Ampofo meets Fawaz in Baba Kamara’s house to collect the money.

26. Baba Kamara plans to be Dufuor’s running mate if he becomes flagbearer of the NDC. 
27. It was Fawaz that Baba Kamara gave money to dash to Techiman South and organize people to beat Asiedu Nketia and Gbevlo-Lartey when they come there soon after the Techiman South collation result problem started
28. Pablo, the National Youth Organizer has been sorting out a lot of the NDC youth organizers in the various regions by sending them money through momo to buy their loyalty and blind them to what harm he is doing to JM and the NDC. 
29. Baba Kamara has convinced Goozie Tanoh to join them with the promise of making him Chief of Staff
30. If NDC supporters want to win 2024 which is possible only through Mahama, then they must be weary of Baba Kamara and his moles like Ofosu Ampofo, Yaw Gyan, Pablo, , Goozie Tanoh and others, especially some Regional Executives of the party in the Ashanti Region as well as Deputy Minister in the Mahama government all of who I am monitoring and will name later.

Source: NDC Social Media