Social media users mourn 6-year-old viral star, Antwain Fowler


Six-year-old Antwain Fowler who hit social media hard with his “where we about to eat at?” and “DAAAANG! they say I’m gonna make you broke??” videos has passed away.

The young sensation’s cause of death is currently unknown, but sources say Antwain had been battling with autoimmune enteropathy (AIE) since July 2015.

Autoimmune enteropathy is a rare condition that causes children to have a lot of diarrhea, often to the point of needing intravenous  (IV) fluids and can also affect a child’s ability to absorb food and vitamins, according to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

A GoFundMe page linked to his Instagram account revealed that the Miami-native has undergone 25 surgeries since doctors discovered he had the rare immune deficiency disorder.

Most hit by this unfortunate incident is Antwain’s mum who on her son’s Instagram account stated “The pain in my heart is like no other. Why God!!!”