A 24-year-old Model Who Was Told To Bleach Her Skin Is Now Worth $4 Million Because Of Her Stunning Dark Skin Tone.


Nyakim Gatwech, also known as Queen of the Black, is a 24-year-old model who is turning heads worldwide with her ferocious resolve and gorgeous dark skin tone. She’s on a mission to show the world that she’s proud of her skin tone and encourages others to do the same.

Gatwech, a South Sudanese refugee who was born in Ethiopia, was forced to relocate with her family due to war. Her family subsequently emigrated to the United States, where she struggled to acclimatize to the culture in Buffalo, New York.

According to a CBS News interview, the model stated, “I was fine with my self-esteem and I started being torn down by society, and I started looking at myself.” “Do I blend in with what society considers to be beautiful?”

She later relocated to Minneapolis, where she attended St. Cloud Tech High School and Minnesota State University. She found more acceptance and even began her modeling career there. Even though the photographer tried to brighten her skin and make it lighter on occasion, she insisted on maintaining her natural appearance.

She claimed that she had encountered an Uber driver who urged her to bleach her skin and even offered to pay her to do so. “It’s funny that I still get that question today, people need to accept that we’re different” she just said with a smile. People must accept that we are unique.”

Gatwech now uses her life experiences to inspire young females all around the world. She has received a lot of support since then, and she now has over 850,000 Instagram followers.

Her net worth is $4 million, according to Celebrity How, thanks to endorsements and brand ambassador relationships with prominent firms like Fashion Nova.