Intervene in ongoing investigations – media activist’s family appeals to Chief Imam


The family of the late social media activist, Ibrahim Muhammed, alias Kaaka, has appealed to the Office of the National Chief Imam to intervene in investigations into the death of their relative to speed up the process and ensure that justice is served.
The family said they were unhappy with the delay in the ongoing investigations, saying that two months after the murder, the police had failed to provide proper updates on the state of investigations conducted into the case and, therefore, wants the intervention of the Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu.
“We have been denied our voice and we, therefore, appeal to the Chief Imam to use his authority to bring us justice. This is because the law court cannot give the justice that his voice can provide,” the spokesperson for the family, Mr. Nafiu Mohammed, said when the family visited the Chief Imam at his residence in Accra yesterday to discuss the death of their relative and the events that followed, with him.
They also used the opportunity to commend Sheikh Sharubutu for visiting Ejura to ensure peace when tension was brewing in the area.
Kaaka was killed in Ejura in the Ashanti Region on June 26, this year, for what many have attributed to his social activism which made the government unpopular, especially the agitation by the #FixTheCountry movement.
According to a police report, unknown assailants attacked him at his family house with clubs.
His murder sparked widespread agitation and protests, which saw the killing of two more indigenes during a confrontation with a joint police and military team, amid the firing of gunshots.
“We have avoided saying anything publicly about this whole investigation because we wanted to believe that justice would be done and that the police would take their time to do their work properly.
“We never saw that happen. Till date, no one in the Ghana Police Service has called the family of Kaaka to update us on the work being done to bring us justice. It is almost as if we are not humans. We have had to find out everything from the media,” Mr. Mohammed said.
He further complained that there was a calculated attempt to misdirect the public and cause them to conclude that Kaaka’s brother, Mr. Iddi Mohammed, was involved in the murder.
That, he said, had compounded the family’s grief and made them lose hope that the police were committed to truth and justice in the case.
The National Chief Imam expressed his condolence to the family for the loss and urged them not to inflame passions but rather remain calm and allow the law to take its course.
He prayed to Allah to ease their pain and replace whatever the family had lost.
He assured them that he would let his advisory board get involved in the matter to ensure that justice was served.
The Chief Imam also urged the family to present an official petition to the office for it to be referred to the advisory board, so that it could start probing into the case.