Shatta Wale Does Not Think Before Speaking


By Sacut Amenga-EtegoSacut Amenga-Etego, Compliance Officer, GRFU

If Shatta Wale had not dropped out of school, he would have appreciated the value of thinking before speaking or writing or taking a public position on some issues. And if he’d read a few basic books, he’d appreciate that fame is an illusion that cannot replace critical thinking.

When he says #Fixthecountry activists are disappointed graduates and ”cheap thinkers”, does he really understand his own meaningless statements?

The value of thinking is placed on depth. So people are either deep or shallow thinkers. Shatta Wale doesn’t even think before speaking so he’s neither a shallow nor deep thinker.

He’s a noise maker.

A boy who drops out of school, makes sakawa his past time, succeed in the end with music, and now places the value of everything on price/money.

That’s why he can describe people in school drop out language like ”cheap thinkers” etc. and actually believe he’s making sense.

Of course, he has been paid to be ambassador for one-district one factory, not for his thinking but for his noise.

That is why Shatta who boasts of being a Nima boy can insult the memory of the young people who have lost their lives for just being mere active citizens.

For if Shatta Wale was not thinking with his feet, he would have known by now that many of his followers are ordinary poor Ghanaians who are calling on the government to fix the country and not ”cheap thinking graduates”.

And every deranged post he makes attacking #FixTheCountry campaigners, he gets 90% negative sentiment against his shattered brand.

By the way, it is not too late for Shatta Wale to go back to school. I know he failed his high school exams and dropped out from there but he can try again and one day, he maybe be able to validate himself and feel less of the inferiority complex!

Only an extremely naive person will think that #FixTheCountry movement and its momentum is an elitist wave and only a King without a crown will take money and turn against his own down trodden followers!

When I was once his producer for the ”shatta city” radio show on XFM 95.1 nearly 10 years ago, shatta wale was much wiser than this. He’s the guy i knew! Anyways, he is very welcome if he wants to fall on his own sword, as i would say.