Ghana Law Village: Joberg Ghana To Begin Construction


Joberg Ghana Ltd, a wholly owned Ghanaian construction and real estates developing company are to begin the construction of an ultra modern ‘’Law Village’’ near the university of Ghana business school in Accra. The new law school will replace the Ghana law school campus at Makola in the crowded city center of Accra.

President Nana Akufo Addo cut sod Wednesday May 26 2021 for the beginning of work on the project which idea was conceived way back in 2009. He pledged the full support of his government to facilitate the speedy construction of the project.

The Director of the Ghana law school Mr. Kwasi Prempeh-Eck edged the contractors of the project to stick to the timelines of the project that is to be completed in a year from now.

CEO of Joberg Ghana Ltd Joseph Magmus Marteye is the Contractor of the Ghana Law Village. He assured reporters and Ghanaians that his company has a track record of delivering quality work within the stipulated timelines and will not disappoint in terms of its deadlines.

Joseph Magmus Marteye cited Joberg’s previous work with the ministry of education, GRA, and ministry of health as evidence of his speedy and quality work and promised to deliver similar quality and timely work for the law Village.

The construction of the Law Village is under the auspices of the General Legal Council (GLC) through the Ghana law school as part of its medium to long-term plan to expand the infrastructure for legal education in Ghana.

When completed, the Law Village will occupy a 5-acre parcel of university of Ghana land.

The Law Village will also address the challenges posed by the current dilapidated facilities and traffic congestion at the main law school campus at Makola in the central business district of Accra.

The completed Law Village will also have A state of the art 1,300-seater multipurpose conference hall accessible to the general public (2) Lecture halls with teleconferencing facilities ( 2) 500-seater lecture theatres • (15) Lecture rooms of 40-seater capacity each (2)  50 seater mini-conference rooms (designed as flexible spaces to hold ADR sessions) • A modern law library complex with traditional and electronic archiving facilities (2) Moot court accommodating 25-30 people • Sick bay • Student lounges • SRC Centre to include offices, common room and copy centre • Bookshop • 50-unit office facility for faculty and administration with other open offices, server, and archives rooms, kitchenettes/pantries, washrooms, photocopy/printing room, store rooms etc. • 50-seater restaurant • Internet café points and (20) wireless hotspots for 30 persons each  (2)  on-site banking facilities • 50- Room Executive hostel • Offices and conference room for General Legal Council • Reading rooms • General stores for the Law School.