Comply With The Rules – GRFU compliance officer tells Renegade board members

Sacut Amenga-Etego, Compliance Officer, GRFU

Compliance officer of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Sacut Amenga-Etego has urged renegade board members of the union to follow laid-down rules and procedures of the governing board in compliance with World and Africa Rugby standards.

Compliance is an audit unit within the GRFU with the core mandate of ensuring good governance in the administration of the game and in accordance with global standards.

The local rugby-governing body is not only obliged to comply with its own internal governing processes, it also has to ensure compliance with international governing standards set out for the game.

However, some board members of the Ghana Rugby, including current Vice President James Nunoo, Greater Accra Rugby Association President Abdul Aziz Issah, Bismark Amponsah, general secretary have refused to obey Ghana Rugby, Africa Rugby and world Rugby rules by convening a meeting and purporting to suspend Herbert Mensah as Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman without any locus after a 9-point petition by the Ghana Rugby Union Players Association (GRUPA).

One of the people who signed the resolution to remove the board chairman Mintah Nyarko is not a board member of Ghana Rugby, according to the GRFU compliance officer. The mandate of two board members has also expired, and therefore do not qualify to sit on the Ghana Rugby Board. They are Ako Wilson, a representative of (GRUPA) and Abdul Aziz Issah, President of the Greater Accra Rugby Association.

Amenga-Etego tells JoySports he has already warned the four “rebels” about the consequences of their decision.

“I have told them to do the right things- follow the laid-down procedures and obey the constitution. Ghana Rugby faces Africa Rugby sanctions if there is no compliance. They have to follow the rules. It is as simple as that”.

He said every petition brought against any member of the association or board must first be investigated by the judicial officer before any further action is taken. However, that was not done in this case.

”Everyone including ordinary members of the union or board deserve a fair hearing according to the rules of the board and of natural justice. People cannot just wake and create a kangaroo court where the same people are the accusers and the judges at the same time.

He told the media to ignore any suggestions that there has been a change of leadership at the GRFU, saying, ”Nothing has changed”.

He also revealed Africa Rugby is concerned about the recent developments in the local union.

“Ghana has become a beacon of hope for the game in West Africa. The country has become member of Africa and World Rugby within a short period of time. And obviously Africa Rugby is worried about developments in Ghana Rugby because there is tournament coming up”

Despite the leadership issues in Ghana Rugby, the national team are fine-tuning preparations for this year’s Rugby Africa Cup which will come off in Kampala. Ghana clash with host national Uganda on July 10 and lock horns with Algeria on July 18.