Blows from my boxing careers have shifted my brains – Bukom Banku


Professional Ghanaian boxer and entertainer Braimer Kamoko also known as Bukom Banku has disclosed the reason why sometimes he acts crazy.

Boxer Bokum Banku is known to be a jovial and an entertainer.

Aside from his boxing career, Bokum Banku has a sense of humor and causes laughter whenever he finds himself. Bokum Banku has disclosed in an interview why he behaves crazy sometimes.

According to the boxer, his boxing career has destroyed his mental faculty.

He emphasized that anyone who is into a boxing career has a damaged brain one way or the other because of the hard punches they receive from their competitors during a fight in the ring.

He stated that most of the punches that land on the heads of these boxers end up destroying the brains.

Speaking in an interview with Adom TV, Bokum Banku said, “Boxing is a stupid game.”

He continued, “Your mind is at one place but as the blows land on it, it moves from one place to another.

“Your mind will come down. Every individual who is a boxer has mental issues because of how rigorous the spot is”, he told Sister Sandy of Adom TV.

Bokum Banku has disclosed that one of the reasons why he acts crazily sometimes is because of his career.

He stated that because of the punches he has received on his head, he believes it has affected his brains.

Bokum Banku has however disclosed that he is currently preparing for a boxing match in the United States of America.

He indicate that he is putting in all efforts to win this fight because he doesn’t want to become an object of mockery by Ghanaians as they did to him when he lost the match to boxer Bastie Samir.