Nuclear power sure path towards energy sufficiency and industrialization – ASEPA


The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) is urging the government to invest in the production of nuclear power programme to help deal with Ghana’s perennial power crisis.

According to its Executive Director, Mensah Thompson, nuclear power is the only path towards energy sufficiency and industrialization.

“Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme is long overdue, it is only when Nuclear Power Generation has been safely and efficiently integrated into our generation mix, then can we say we are truly energy sufficient.”

“We have failed to acknowledge that the only true means of attaining energy sufficiency since hydro and thermal are becoming increasingly unreliable due to environmental factors is nuclear power which was originally in the grand plan of the Country”, he noted.

Also, Mensah Thompson indicated that the recent power outages cannot be attributed solely on the maintenance works being carried out.

According to him, the huge debt that has bedeviled the sector must be equally blamed, adding, when procured, the nuclear power will clear the energy sector debt.

“The question we must therefore answer is, do we want a stable sustainable power supply, do we want it at competitive rates that will make Ghana the ultimate destination for factories and industries, do we want to pay way lesser and stable tariffs for domestic use than what we are currently paying?”

“Can we do this with little or absolutely no effect on humans and the environment? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then say cheers and brace up for the new future,” it noted.