I support Achimota School rejecting Rastafarian students’ admission – Prof Adei


A former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) says he is voting his support for Achimota School for refusing to admit some Rastafarian SHS students.

Prof Emeritus Stephen Adei says people are confusing the senior high school with tertiary institutions where students have their freedom to do certain things.

“First of all, [the] tertiary level and [the] pre-university level are not the same. In university, you are considered an adult. In fact, except when you go beyond certain extremities, you are on your own. When you are dealing with basic school, you are getting them [used to] obeying laws,” he said.

Achimota School rejected some students it had given admission arguing that they cut their dreadlocks.

But the students who are Rastafarians said it was part of their religious belief to keep the dreadlocks so there was no way they were going to cut their hair.

This put the school in the media spotlight with a lot of people speaking their minds on the issue. Eventually, one of the affected students sued Achimota School.

Commenting on it, Prof Stephen Adei said Achimota School took the right decision.

According to him, “having Rastafarians in our pre-university schools is a no-no.”

“Personally, I think that I support Achimota School – and in my school, nobody [like that] will even dare come to knock there,” he said.