Mr Logic narrates how a fake mallam took his ¢7k, asked him to bath in sea at midnight


Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic has disclosed his ¢7,000 was taken by a fake mallam who had promised to help him.

According to him, this self-acclaimed spiritualist had demonstrated his money doubling acts at a radio station where he worked.

Speaking in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Mr Logic said he had become friends with this man who had approached him as a herbalist and had subsequently gone ahead to solve some people’s issue.

According to him, when the spiritualist offered to help him, he did not hesitate because he saw the man as a friend.

Mr Logic said he trusted this self-acclaimed spiritualist so much he moved from Accra to Savelugu in the Northern Region just to visit his shrine.

“A mallam who is my friend and comes on my show, this guy defrauded me of ¢7,000 six years ago. He told me he wanted to do something for me. I didn’t know it was about money,” he said.

He added that he did not tell the spiritualist he wanted to double his money stressing to him that his visit was not out of greed.

He stated that when he arrived in Savelugu he had to move from his hotel to the shrine at around 2:00 am on a motorcycle.

While at the shrine, Mr Logic said the mallam started some incantations but fainted during the process and his workers took him out of the shrine.

“They rushed me out, put me on a bike and rode me off. I had paid ¢7,000 for all the things they said I should pay. They rode me from like Hitz FM to Taifa, a lonely road and left me on some part of the road.

“Lucky for me, there was a police station two minutes away from where they dropped me,” Mr Logic said.

He told Andy Dosty that after he had narrated his ordeal to the police they told him he was lucky the men had not killed him.

Even after this near experience at the hands of the mallam and his people, they contacted him again when he left Savelugu for Accra.

Mr Logic said despite their first encounter, the men had the audacity to call him once he was back in Accra, asking him to bathe in the sea.

“I got a call from the guy that I should go swimming in the sea at 12 midnight. He said when I am swimming something will appear and that when the thing appears I shouldn’t run away.”

“I went and fetched the seawater, instead of going into the sea, I said I cannot swim in the sea at midnight, so I fetched the water, took it home and was bathing at home.”

Mr Logic said he was left speechless after realising he had fallen for the tricks of the self-acclaimed spiritualist.

“The psychological effect is the things they tell you, if you are not strong it can affect you. Sometimes when you have a small problem you think you are going mad because of the things you’ve been told by these people,” he said.

Mr Logic urged government to stop media houses from taking money from such spiritualists so they can advertise their works.

He explained that most of them are scammers and liars and can never do what they preach.