Ghanaians need comedy centres – Michael Blackson


US-based Ghanaian-Liberian comedian and actor, Michael Blackson, has advised that Ghanaians get comedy clubs and centres for regular shows.

Local comedians have complained about the lack of support for their craft even though they are doing their best.

According to Michael Blackson, Ghana needs a place where comedy shows can be held at least once every week and not wait only to do big shows at Christmas.

“We will figure out a way. I think we start getting to a place where you can see comedy on a regular basis like I can see a comedy club. Like America, Comedy clubs in every city. Comedy is good for the heart, it makes you feel good, and it is healthy.”

“Sometimes we all go through things in life regardless of where you are and I think to come out once every week to laugh makes you feel good. So I think we need a place where it is not just every Christmas, they do a big show. We need a place where we will do comedy every week,” he said in an interview with ghanaalert news team.

When asked about his relationship with Ghanaian comedians, he said that he had only heard of the late Osofo Dadzie and that’s because his mum mentioned the veteran.

“I don’t know much of them, I know of one my mother knew called Osofo Dadzie, I’m not sure he is even alive. He has been gone for many years. I became very good friends with Funny Face because he was on social media and connected through social media and when I came, we met in person. He is more like an entertainer”, he stated.

The international comedian also stated he had heard about DKB, met Jacinta who he said introduced herself as the Queen of comedy in Ghana. 

Michael revealed he laughed and described her as ‘crazy’. He quickly added that he knows a lot of Nigerian comedians.

According to him, when he started stand-up in the United States, most of the Nigerian audience were his friends and they embraced him adding that he also worked with a lot of them.

Michael Blackson was in Ghana for a visit and has starred in many movies including the latest, “Coming 2 America 2” in which he played the role of Izzi’s Lieutenant alongside Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, John Amos, David and a host of others.