Male skit makers should stop dressing like women – Nigerian comedian


The comedy industry has come a long way and has (thanks to social media) seen the emergence of a new generation of online comedians who have made fame and fortune by creating skits.

Many of these skits include male comedians taking on female personas by dressing as women.

However, veteran Nigerian comedian Omobaba disapproves of this trend and has advised male comedy skit makers to stop dressing as women for their skits.

Omobaba, whose real name is Olufemi Ademola Fagade, in a recent interview with The Punch, said this trend is getting out of hand.

“In all sincerity, but for a few that are very creative from Josh2funny to maybe Nedu, I mean the rest should just stop. It is becoming out of hand. They should just stop. If you are not doing a one-man drama, which is what I used to do even before I began stand-up comedy, do not bother.”

“I will take a role of a lady, perform it, do the role of an elderly man, all in one scene. It is just getting too much and it is watering down the hard work some people have invested. I think that one should stop,”  Omobaba told The ghanaalert showbiz team.

Omobaba advised that “many characters” can be created “around a man”. However, he added that when it comes to creativity, it is difficult for a creative to criticize another creative.

“I am not the type that will say between Wizkid and Davido, who is the best. I can never compare Femi Kuti and Lagbaja because if you truly know music, their sounds are totally different. If that is what they feel they can do, let them continue; but there is a stage where you can always differentiate the men from the boys,” he added.