National Road Safety Authority tasked to regulate transport operators


Transport Minister, Kwaku Ofori Asaimah has announced that the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) is set to regulate transport operators.

Mr. Asaimah made this disclosure at the premiere of JoyNews’ Hotline Documentary, ‘CRUSHED’ at the Ghana Shippers’ Authority.

According to him, the first step he took as a minister was to change the mandate of the National Road Safety Commission into an Authority to give the institution the power to enforce institutional compliance.

“We did so not because we believe in name, we did so because we wanted the institution to have the power to enforce institutional compliance because without that legal framework, without having an authority which will enforce institutional compliance, it was going to be difficult for that particular institution to do its work and do it well,” he explained .

Mr. Asiamah indicated that the Ministry noticed the road transport operators’ system was without regulators, hence the decision to charge NRSA to that mandate.

“Apart from what we have done to raise the awareness of the NRSA, we have also come to a conclusion that we cannot have a transport operation system without a regulator.. How is it that air transport has a regulator but when we come in terms of transport, road transport services being regulated has become an issue?” he quizzed.

He also appealed to transport operators to comply with the new order the NRSA is currently working on.

“It’s not going to be such a way that they are going to stampede you or they are not going to allow you do your work but I think it is important that this important work that all of us are doing, we must come under one umbrella so that you must know what it is that we need to do,“ he said.

He urged all and sundry to “support the NRSA as they embark on the process of regulating the transport unions.”