Uneasy calm in Wenchike follows controversial enskinment of chief


Tension continues to mount amid uneasy calm at the Chereponi community of Wenchike in the North East Region following the controversial enskinment of a new chief.

Police in the region deployed dozens of armed security forces to the community after the enskinment on Saturday of Abubakari Awufor as the new chief amidst stiff opposition from members of the rival Jaabu faction.

After the ceremony at the Gbewaa Palace in Yendi by the Overlord of Dagbon, the Jaabu faction were said to have been mobilising to prevent the entry of the chief into the community.JoyNews/AdomNews · Uneasy calm in Wenchike follows controversial enskinment of chief

In spite of the heavy security presence, JoyNews is learning the Jaabu clan members have been fleeing the community in their numbers.

It is not clear why the rival royal family members and supporters are leaving the community.

Speaking to JoyNews, the new chief Alhaji Abubakari Awufor said the situation has intensified widespread fears of violence.

“Many of them have ran away from the area,” he told North East Region correspondent.

However, he explained that his outfit has assumed full control of the community and will ensure peace and harmony.

On Saturday, Police in the region deployed a joint security team of 100 armed officers to Wrenchlike to foil any potential attacks.

Credit: myjoyonline.com