After Sleeping With Her I Started Having Burning Sensations In My Mind – Popular ‘Mona Mo Bl3’ Mad Celebrity Speaks

Mad celebrity

In an interview with Kofi Tv, Ghana’s only mad celebrity, Kofi, explained why he went from being a normal person to being mentally challenged.

His real name was given as Kofi but for his rather objective reaction to situations around him when people chastise him, he has been named ‘Mona Mo Bl3’.

His story of how he developed that mental condition will make you shed some tears.

Kofi recounted that at his teenage life he was very brilliant and playful but one night after he completed his form 4 education, he had an encounter with a female believes to be a spirit.

He mentioned that it was so real and not a dream that he ejaculated all on himself. Ask if he did recognize the person Kofi responded negative.

Days after that sexual encounter he begin having some burning sensations in his heard. According to the mother, Akosua Mansa, the son only got to share the story after his mental illness had worsen.

She mentioned that Kofi was in pain almost every time and “would hold his head just to control it.”

“He claims to have this burns in his heard and when that happens he could hardly pay attention to what is happening around her. He returns to his senses after a while but in a confused state. We couldn’t explain what the condition was.”

Now, the parents had no option but to live with him and his mental condition. His parents disclosed that he is often calm and humorous and “that is what most people like about him.”

Several psychiatric treatment couldn’t help him. Akosua Mansa revealed that they have tried several therapeutic treatment but to no avail.

“Kofi realizing things weren’t going to change stopped taking his medications and made marijuana smoking a habit,” the mother added.