Chilling details of how 2 teenagers murdered 10-year-old at Kasoa


The Awutu Ofankor District Court on Tuesday remanded two boys who allegedly killed a 10-year-old into police custody.

The suspects, Felix Nyarko, 16, and Nicholas Kini, 18, are alleged to have gruesomely murdered Ishmael Mensah Abdallah with the intention of using his body parts for rituals.

Police investigators are also on a manhunt for the spiritualist who promised the duo riches in exchange for the body parts.

Residents of Lamptey Mills in Kasoa in the Central Region were shocked to the marrow after the two narrated to the police how they ended the life of young Ishmael.

The suspects told the police they initially wanted to kidnap the boy, demand ¢5000 ransom from his family before going ahead to kill him and get the needed body part for the spiritualist.

According to Chief Inspector Ernest Agbo, the prosecuting officer who signed the charge sheet said the two have been charged on two counts.

The first charge was that the two agreed to act in concert to kill the boy and the second count is about the two accused murdering their victim with a club and a cement block.

According to the investigator, Detective Chief Inspector Japhet Agyeman, the suspects have been friends since 2008.

He said 16-year-old, Felix Nyarko, who is the first accused, is thrilled by commercials on TV of spiritualists who promise instant riches.

Felix told his friend, Nicholas Kini, the second accused, about the scheme who said he knows of a good spiritualist who can get them on their way to riches and provided his contact details.

Not having a phone of their own, Felix used his mother’s phone to place a call to the spiritualist.

According to the investigator, the spiritualist allegedly demanded that the two bring him a human being as well as an amount of ¢5000.

Detective Chief Inspector Japhet Agyeman said on Saturday, April 3, the two suspects agreed that the 10-year-old will serve their purpose.

The father of the deceased told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba that the second accused used a nearby uncompleted building close to the first accused’s house to execute their scheme.

They armed themselves with the wooden handle of a pickaxe and a cement block.

Felix, who is a close friend of Ishmael Mensah Abdallah, called him and told him his accomplice, had a video game for sale which might interest him. He convinced him that they should meet up and go to the seller.

The Inspector said the two abandoned their earlier plan of kidnapping the boy and demanding a ransom as it did not make any sense. The duo, therefore, decided to murder the boy.

Eventually, when the deceased came out to see the video game, the second accused used the wooden handle of the pickaxe to hit his neck from the back.

Felix, who is said to eat from the deceased’s home, then used the cement block to him on the head, killing him right away.

The loud noise from the incident drew the attention of Felix’s stepsister who came over to inquire if something was wrong, but the duo turned her away saying nothing was wrong.

The suspects buried Ishmael Mensah Abdallah’s body waiting for nighttime to transport the body to the spiritualist in the Volta Region.

Unknown to the duo, Felix’s stepsister, who was not convinced with what they told her earlier reported the unusual sound she had heard to her father.

The police detective said the father went to the uncompleted building and realised something was amiss.

He removed the newly dug sand and discovered the body of Ishmael Mensah Abdallah.

Felix’s step-father confronted him and he confessed that together with Nicholas Kini, they killed Ishmael Mensah Abdallah.

The first accused’s stepdad immediately reported the teenagers to the police and they were picked up.