Sarkodie sends message to her ex-girlfriend “Atopahemaa” who claims she is s3xua!!y responsible for the rapper’s lyrics [Video]


Rapper Sarkodie

Rapper Sarkodie has sent a message to her ex-girlfriend who claims her sexual expedition with the rapper contributed to his rise.

According to this diminutive lady called “Atopahemaa” she once had sex with Sarkodie and the styles she gave the rapper was too much for him to bear so he started exclaiming “Huh, Huh!”

Atopahemaa added she gave Sarkodie the most intimate strokes which the rapper enjoyed until his bulgy eyes were close to a point of explosion. This is why Sarkodie has resorted to the use of “Huh! in his rap lines.

Funnily enough, Sarkodie has reacted to this bold statement from ‘Atopahemaa” asking her to move on because he has also moved on.

He wrote: Sometimes you gotto let go .., someone tell my toxic Ex I moved on she should do.