Tsikata, Amenuvor go biblical as Supreme Court hears application to reopen Mahama’s case


The Supreme Court on Monday witnessed a different presentation by counsels for the petitioner and first respondent in the ongoing election petition trial.

What started out as a legal discourse veered into religious realms as both lead counsels; Tsatsu Tsikata and Justin Amenuvor argued whether or not the petitioner, John Mahama should be allowed to reopen his case.

Giving reasons as to why Mr Mahama’s case should be reopened and EC Chair be made to mount the witness box, Mr Tsikata said some fundamental errors were made by the court in its earlier ruling.

He further stated that the petitioner has presented enough evidence against the 1st respondent, who is the Electoral Commission and further satisfied rule 54 which is the grounds for seeking a review.

To conclude his submissions, Tsatsu Tsikata engaged the apex court with “prophetic words” from the book of Hosea in the Bible.

He stated: “Ultimately, and even more profound, it is for the chairperson of the first respondent to come toward to testify as she indicated on oath.
I conclude with prophetic words that were spoken centuries ago.

“For they sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind. These are the words of prophet Hosea to be found in Hosea 8:7. He that has an ear, let him hear.”

His remarks left many in laughter including the nine-member judicial panel.

But when all was done, the judges gave Justin Amenuvor the opportunity to also throw in a Bible reference to conclude his argument as to why the petitioner cannot be granted leave to reopen his case.

“Mr Amenuvor, you have not addressed us on the reference to Hosea, the gospel according to Hosea,” a member of the judicial panel said.

Rather than giving a Bible quote, Justin Amenuvor decided to present a short speech on God and conscience.

“God is a God of conscience and God does not use court processes to elicit conscience.

“No, God is a God of conscience and, therefore, you do not bring God into the courtroom to now claim that because of God, applications should be granted. That is my response,” he stated.

In giving its ruling, the Supreme court dismissed the application filed by the petitioner to have his case reopened.

The apex court is expected to resume hearing of the election petition trial on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

credit : myjoyonline.com