English Language and social media are forms of slavery – Akrobeto


Akrobeto has spoken about his absence on social media despite his growing fanbase online.

According to the Ghanaian actor, who can on the lighter note brag as one of the country’s learned broadcasters, he sees social media as a tool fashioned to control the minds of people.

Speaking during an interview on Kantanka TV, the Kumawood actor added that the Queen’s language and the use of social media can be equated to slavery.

“I am not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or social media because it has been created as a form of slavery,” he stated.

Speaking Twi, the Real News presenter continued that “the whites are using it to control us because they expect us to speak the English language and use it to communicate, which makes them and their language popular”.

Akrobeto seized the moment to caution and advise his listeners and viewers to be careful of sharing their personal lives across social media because it is not a healthy habit.

source: pulse.com.gh