Bishop Bernard Nyarko Passes on

A powerful Ghanaian preacher has made a very profound revelation about the death of popular Kumawood actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko


Bishop Bernard Nyarko a former actor in Ghana’s local movies Kumahood, passed away yesterday 2nd May,2020. A shock we least expected to hear .He is a popular figure, a vibrant Man of God who was known by many due to his inspiring comedy roles he played in Ghana’s movie industry.

On His last interview, he genuinely made his fans and the entire church know of his illness. His mother who was close to him knew what was happening but Bishop Bernard Nyarko made his to let anyone come close to him which he stated that “Even if he is in grief he has a lot of people who can console him and doesn’t needed anyone to do so. with the directives he instructed his mother on, he stated that his mother shouldn’t speak to anyone concerning the issue at hand.

He also went ahead to fire some shades on Hippocrates Kumahood actors who claim they could finance his hospital bills should in case the treatment be done out of the country. They wanted to help in anyway they can but if they wanted to help, are they the ones who can help me?, he added.

Insults were hailed on Bishop Nyarko’s mother for preventing people from seeing him which she did just as instructed by the Bishop.In his last,statement was that he is recovering from the illness however the name of the illness was disclosed. He urged all Ghanaian to be careful with their way of eating and was questioned by the interviewer whether he was poisoned which he didn’t answer.