Partey a better dribbler than the six times Ballon D’or Winner


The data for LaLiga players with the most successful dribbles this current campaign has been released and surprisingly its Thomas Partey, Atlético’s midfielder, who has emerged the winner.

The Ghanaian even surpasses Lionel Messi, who is fourth, just below Frenkie De Jong.

The name of the player who has beaten the Argentine in this section of his own is surprising, since it is not a creative midfielder or a striker.

The footballer who has dribbled the most successfully is none other than Thomas Partey, defensive midfielder of Atlético de Madrid.

The Ghanaian has completed 81.8% of successful spills this course with the red and white elastic, while Messi has reached ‘only’ up to 67.3%.

Despite having already turned 32 and having lost top speed, Leo Messi is still one of the best dribblers in the world.

The Argentine can still unbalance games since his overflow and continues to be a constant threat to the rival team.


The ’10’ never hides and whenever possible he tries as much as to change the complexion of games with his superior talents.

Perhaps that habit of trying one-on-one every time he has a choice is what has made him ‘lose’ in a stat that he has always dominated.

Opta has compiled the statistics of the best dribblers in LaLiga (who made more than 50) and the Barcelona captain is not in the top three. Rosario’s has to settle for being the fourth footballer who has successfully dribbled the most this season in Spanish competition.

It is necessary to make this nuance with respect to the overflows, since what is measured is the percentage of success and not the total, where the Catalan player would continue to dominate.