Pakistan: Patient recovers from coronavirus, throws party to 100 people, tested positive again.


Coronavirus epidemic is spreading exponentially across the globe. Every country is suffering in more than one ways. The number of cases has crossed 700 in India itself but it’s spread has been kept under check by the nation wide lockdown.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has crossed the 1000 mark, forcing Imran Khan postponed his fifth marriage plan. PM Imran Khan has requested the Global leaders to waive off Pakistan’s debt so that Pakistan can deal with coronavirus.

However, a shocking news surfaced from Rawalpindi, where a man who had tested positive for coronavirus recovered after 2 weeks and doctors discharged him without negative test result to save COVID-19 test kit. Happy with his recovery, man threw a party inviting more than 100 of his friends. Everything was okay until a few of his friends started coughing followed by the man himself.

Reportedly, one of the man in the party was infected with coronavirus and when he came in contact with him, he also got infected. Pakistani government is in search of the man that from where he got the money to throw a party during such global economic slowdown.