Top 20 Most Influential Digital Preachers online in Ghana.

Top 20 Most Influential online Preachers

Social Media has recorded a long list of Church institutions which uses the medium as a means of evangelism to lure people in church. This has lead to the increase in number of congregational members in most institutions.

Statistic show how most church institutions have engages a lot in to the social media world as a means of conveying and persuading believers to church.These institutions use these mediums with the help of images and captivating videos to serve as a means of advertisement for church organizations.

These Religious Organizations term to use these means to propagate the gospel message of our lord Jesus Christ since we’re living in a digital world.Social media is one of the fastest and reliable way to reach out to a wider range of audience within the shortest possible time. Christians can also reach out to more people on social media with the gospel in a short as compared to open-air crusades, house-to-house evangelism or dawn broadcast activities. Apparently,even with these methods are termed as old fashioned by most believers.

Looking at how to package the gospel on social media, prayers and sermon, excerpts, testimonies, statistics, info graphics, devotions, news, recipes, personality profiles, history and many others can be posted with the sole aim of reaching out to souls online. Students, workers and traders fall into this category of souls