Shatta Wale reveals his kind of woman for a wife; ‘slay queens a no, no’


To many Ghanaians, Shatta Wale’s life is an open book with various chapters splashed all over social media, but there are still pages within those chapters he has for years hidden from the public which he is now revealing in bits.

For someone who literally lives his life on social media daily, choosing a woman whose life is equally soaked in social media should not be a big deal, but the self-acclaimed dancehall king in Ghana, says that is a no, no!

According to Shatta Wale, women living their lives on social media, popularly known as ‘slay queens’, are not the type he would want as a wife when the time is due for him to walk someone down the aisle.

Speaking exclusively to Giovani Caleb on the 3FMDrive on 92.7 Tuesday, Shatta Wale, whose relationship with his baby mama, Shatta Mitchy, ended almost a year ago, said he has a taste for only women who are nice and cool but not social media freaks.

“[I want a] nice girl, cool girl who doesn’t like social media. Me, I like girls like that; girls who don’t like social media. That’s the kind of girl I want to marry” he openly told Giovani.

His reason? No one knows as he did not say.

Waiting upon God for a wife

Shatta Wale who is currently promoting his new album titled Wonder Boy, said though marriage is something that is on the table, he would not rush into it but would wait upon God to give him the best woman.

“Marriage will come but you know it’s a gradual process,” he said.

His decision to take his time, he suggested, is because his previous relationships could not lead to marriage.

“Me I date, I stopped, I date…Life is like that you know. I just feel God’s time is the best. Maybe God wants make I get some girl working with a radio station or TV station,” he told Giovani.