‘Your real enemy is poverty’ – Mr Eazi tells South Africa following Xenophobic attacks.


South Africa is boiling with rage after some looters renewed their xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals, especially Nigerians.

According to Mr Eazi, South Africans are fighting the wrong enemy since the real enemy is rather poverty.

He tweeted: “Fight the real ENEMY!! Fight POVERTY!!!!”

According to africanews.com, police in South Africa have been overwhelmed by looters in the latest round of xenophobic attacks by residents of Jappestown, an area close to commercial hub, Johannesburg.

Multiple local media outlets said rampant looting of shops and torching of buildings had been registered in the riots. The portals add that looters have targeted businesses of foreigners.

Elsewhere rioters have blocked roads and burnt tyres obstructing movement of persons and vehicles. The police has been caught in running battles with them across parts of Johannesburg.

A police statement confirmed the situation and said forty-one people have been arrested following the incidents. Police also fired rubber bullets at looters in another Johannesburg suburb, Turffontein.

According to police, the chaotic clashes followed the deaths of three people in a fire in an “old building”.

“While we were still investigating with emergency services, people that were around started taking advantage of the situation and looted shops,” police spokesman Capt Mavela Masondo is quoted as saying.