Xenophic Attacks: Tracy Sarkcess shares her frightening experience.


In the past few days, social media has been awash with numerous comments on the renewed xenophobic attacks ongoing in South Africa.

The reported ghastly acts being inflicted by some South Africans on foreigners in South Africa have attracted a host of reactions from celebrities.

Tracy Sarkcess, the wife of multiple award-winning rapper, Sarkodie has also commented on the ongoing attacks in South Africa. 

As part of her comments, she decided to share a frightening experience she encountered in South Africa some months ago.

She further admitted that she does not know the most effective solution to the unfortunate developments in South Africa but she believes the solution must commence with a re-education of the Black South Africans.

Below is a series of tweets detailing the experience she faced:

Thread: 1. I was in SA this year in March for 4 weeks and I never felt safe. I realised that whenever a black South African made me out not to be one of them, they would treat me differently & sometimes ask where I’m from. I remember one driver asking that same question… “ 

2. … & when I told him I was from Ghana, he told me I don’t look a Ghanaian/West African because I wasn’t very dark!! And said your ppl are very dark ehh…I was so upset but I was also very scared because the way he was looking at me I actually thought he might want rape me 

3. My point is this xenophobia thing is real in SA but it’s deeply rooted in the apartheid culture. To be honest, it still feels like apartheid there where the Black South Africans are very much afraid of the whites. 

4. I don’t know what the solution is but I think it has to start with the re-education of Black South Africans.