I have to check online to know my net worth – Wendy Shay.


Singer Wendy Shay has been talking up some benefits since she signed on to record label, RuffTown Records barely two years ago.

‘Masakra’ hit singer was asked what material things she could boast of acquiring since she was signed by her record label, RuffTown Records.

“Wendy, ever since you got signed to RuffTown Records, what is that one thing you have gained musically for yourself that you can say I got this camera or I got this carpet…” she was asked during an interview on TV Africa.

“You mean the material things,” she interjected in a bid to get clarification to the question.

“I’ve got so many stuffs. Too many. Woo. I mean I can actually buy the latest iPhone that is in town right now. I mean I do have a lot of stuffs, camera, iPad, I mean stuffs that every girl at my age is going to need I do have money to buy all of these things,” was the singer’s response.

That was not all. The host quizzed further, “What’s your worth?…”

“Oh I haven’t checked, I think I have to check it online,” she swiftly responded.

Those responses have triggered criticisms and attacks from a section of the public. This will not be the first time a section of the public will be attacking Wendy Shay.

Late last year, she generated backlash after she described a question posed to her by JoyNews’ MzGee as “dumb”.

In July this year, the singer, who is an ambassador for the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), rendered an unqualified apology for posting a picture that subjected former president John Agyekum Kufuor to public ridicule.