Samsung could launch graphene battery powered smartphone in the next two years


A recent rumour purports that Samsung is close to being ready to launch a phone with a pretty futuristic battery tech. By 2021, it’s claimed, Sammy is planning to launch graphene battery equipped smartphones. 

The claim comes via Evan Blass, the well-renowned leaker on Twitter. For those unable to read the tweet, it states that “Samsung is hoping to have at least one handset” either in 2020 or in 2021, as it moves away from the “suboptimal” lithium-ion batteries currently in use. 

It’s not the first time graphene and Samsung have been mentioned together in the same breath. In fact, as long ago as 2014, Samsung was rumoured to be incorporating graphene into its phones. 

More recently, SamMobile has reported on graphene batteries being developed by Samsung for future smartphones. But so far, nothing real has materialised from that. 

Graphene – of course – is a so-called “wonder material” that received a lot of hype a few years ago, and its properties make it ideal for use within a battery. 

Graphene polymer batteries have been touted as the future of car batteries thanks to their quick charging and quick discharging properties, as well as their capability to extend range, thanks to the much higher density in them.  

Move this into a smartphone, and you have a battery that holds the same capacity as modern phones but in a much smaller unit; or a unit that’s the same size, but holds much more power without increasing the weight. 

Of course, you’ll also be able to charge your smartphone much more quickly too. Evan Blass claims in the tweet that it could see a full charge from 0-100 achieved in less than 30 minutes, which would see it surpass the incredible Super VOOC technology

With this being a rumour for now, we’re still waiting on any official word from Samsung and – if it truly is more than a year away – we’re not likely to hear anything soon. As always, we’ll keep you updated with any advancements here.