“You don’t think deep”-Funny Face blast Nana Romeo of Accra Fm


Ghanaian comedian cum musician, Funny Face born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro has descended heavily on a radio presenter for asking if Togolese Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor was his gay partner.

There have been several rumours that the comic actor is the gay partner of Adebayor; the reason the latter keeps showering him with gifts.

Well, in a radio presenter’s quest to seek clarification, Funny Face lost his cool as he descended heavily on Accra FM’s mid-morning host Nana Romeo.

The Presenter quizzed :

“I want you to clear the speculation about you. People are saying Adebayor was your gay partner, how true is that? Have you heard it before?”

Funny Face reacting to the Presenter’s question rubbished such speculation by disclosing that such reports are falsehood and hold no quantum of validity.

“Never, never, never. It is never true and it will never be true. Adebayor has a wife, has a daughter, has a big family.so Never” Funny Face disclosed.

The comedian in answering the question lost his cool as he questioned the intelligence of Nana Romeo, the host of Accra FM’s mid-morning show.

According to him, any radio presenter who asks such a question doesn’t think deep and that he is into showbiz where people say certain things to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of people so he should know better.

“In fact, the truth must be told. Any radio presenter who asks such funny questions..the truth is Romeo is my guy so I will speak my mind. You don’t think deep. I say this on record; we study human beings life. You are into showbiz; people say things to tarnish peoples image so for you to even ask that guy the same question then ‘it’s left with small’.” Funny fumed.

Although Nana Romeo tried to clarify his stance that the question was asked for the sake of his listeners and people who might have heard such rumours and would want a clarification from him, Funny Face was still peeved as he disagreed with his explanation.

According to Funny Face, he has matured in the industry and doesn’t pay attention to certain things and that such things need not be discussed on the radio.


By: Kenny Nana Appiah/ https://ghanaalert.com