2 armed robbers tried to steal Mesut Ozil’s car in London but his Arsenal FC teammate chased them away


Two armed thieves tried to steal Mesut Ozil’s car in North London on Thursday but his Arsenal FC teammate Saed Kolasinac chased them away.

Footage on social media, which you can see below, appears to show Ozil in the driver’s seat with the car in a stationary position on a road.

Bosnian defender Kolasinac, who is 6-foot tall, fends off the thieves single-handedly, chasing them around Ozil’s gold-trimmed Mercedes G-Class.

The thieves were wearing helmets and had been traveling on mopeds. One of the thieves can be seen brandishing a metal object.

The thieves were initially attracted to Kolasinac’s watch, eyewitness Yasmin Tahsiner, a co-owner of a restaurant local to Kolasinac’s home, told Sky Sports .

Kolasinac was due to meet Ozil and the German midfielder’s wife, who was picking him up at his house. From there, the gang challenged Kolasinac, tried to get inside Ozil’s car, but were chased away by Kolasinac.

But the thieves did not give up. As Ozil drove his wife and Kolasinac away, the thieves got on their mopeds and chased them through the streets of London for 15 minutes.

“They asked him [Kolasinac] straight away, ‘Give me your watch,'” Tahsiner said. “Then when they tried to attack him, he tried to go inside the car.

“From the other door, the attacker tried to go inside of the car as well. When Ozil drove the car, they chased them with the motorbike for 15 minutes.”

When Ozil, his wife, and Kolasinac reached Tahsiner’s restaurant, the moped gang damaged Ozil’s car with bricks. Tahsiner said the gang had a metal object in their hand, but it was unlikely a knife.

Metropolitan Police confirmed an attempted robbery had taken place Thursday. “Suspects on motorbikes had attempted to rob a man who was driving a car,” a statement read . “The driver, along with his passenger, managed to get away unharmed.”

Arsenal FC has also confirmed Kolasinac and Ozil were both involved and unharmed but said the club would be treating it as a “private matter.”